Shakira exercises her ailing father’s legs, 91, in an effort to provide physical treatment for him…

With her father’s readmission to the hospital, Colombian singer Shakira has had a difficult few weeks. After developing COVID-19 and suffering a terrible fall, William Mebarak Chadid, 91, was originally taken to the hospital in June.

The singer of “Don’t You Worry” can be seen assisting her father with his physical therapy sessions while a doctor keeps an eye on them in an emotional video that the artist recently posted on her Instagram.

It couldn’t have been simple for the singer to balance her music career, family obligations, and hospital visits for her father. Shakira wrote in the video that was published on November 1.

And between doctor’s appointments and Halloween costumes, life happens.

There is some good news, though. After her father raised her feet off the ground, the singer was spotted rejoicing and kissing her feet.

William’s status is presently stable, said Shakira’s mother, Nidia Ripoll. The family is uncertain as to when he will be released from the hospital, though.

William reportedly got a lot of visits at the hospital, including Shakira’s ex-boyfriend Gerard Piqué, according to Nidia.

What is going on between Gerard Piqué and Shakira?

Shakira and Piqué haven’t been seen together in months, despite the fact that Piqué claimed to reporters that they were still related when he visited William in the hospital.

Shakira and Piqué were married for 12 years and had two sons, Milan and Sasha, despite the fact that their love story did not end in marriage.

Shakira stated to Elle that she had put her career on hold and traveled to Spain to assist Pique’s soccer career. She admitted that it had required a tremendous sacrifice, but it had also allowed her to be there for her kids. She had the option of relocating to the United States, where she would have had a clearer shot at a better job.

Unsavory pictures taken by a 23-year-old student named Clara Chia Marti at the Summerfest Ceranya festival were regrettably released in Spanish media in June. The romance, which had lasted longer than many Hollywood marriages, came to an end as a result.

Shakira admitted in September that she found it very challenging to discuss her circumstances, especially since it was the first time she had brought it up since the pictures were public.

Both my children and I have found it to be challenging. incredibly challenging

She claimed that in order to be strong for people who relied on her, she was overcoming her pain. She would concentrate on being a great role model for her children, who looked up to her, in the future.

How does Shakira bring up her kids?

When it comes to busting dance moves, Shakira is as swift as a deer, and her voice has stayed unrivaled for decades. She acknowledges that parenthood is the most difficult thing she has ever done.

She revealed to People that she has met world leaders and performed for millions of people. However, she felt even more uneasy after having children.

It’s challenging to raise two kids, especially when you’re divorced from your ex. Every day is an opportunity for her to get better at parenting.

However, Shakira appears to be succeeding admirably, as her kids have developed into adorable young men with distinct interests. Sasha has taken up karate and even won a competition, while Milan enjoys surfing and is a gifted musician.