Shannen Doherty getting ready for death after Stage 4 cancer diagnosis…

Shannen Doherty has acknowledged she’s preparing for the possibility of her passing after being diagnosed with aggressive stage four cancer. Her cancer journey began in 2015 with a breast cancer diagnosis, followed by remission two years later. However, in 2020, she revealed she was battling stage four cancer, which had spread to her brain and bones.

During an episode of the Let’s Be Clear podcast, Doherty shared her candid thoughts on organizing her affairs, admitting to cleaning out her storage units and homes. She expressed her belief in science and the hope for treatments to prolong her life, but acknowledged the importance of preparing for the worst-case scenario to ease the transition for her mother, Rosa.

Doherty emphasized her priority of making things easier for her mother by sorting out her belongings and minimizing the burden of managing her possessions. She recounted the emotional experience of packing up her Tennessee home, which was intended to be a sanctuary for abandoned horses, and reflected on the difficult decision to let go of her dream project.

Despite the emotional challenges, Doherty found solace in knowing that letting go of certain dreams was the right decision for her well-being. She expressed gratitude for the support of her mother and friends during this process, acknowledging that sometimes moving on from cherished plans can bring a sense of peace and calm amidst difficult circumstances.