She is the oldest supermodel in the world! Can you guess her age now?

The British woman began working when there was no mention of the parameters 90/60/90 because she was born in 1929. Daphne was a real star, promoting stylish clothing, furs, and even breakfast cereals. Girls with a height of 168 cm and feminine shapes were viewed as perfect beauty.

Self won a local beauty contest in the early 1950s and went on to become a fashion model. Her confident demeanor and flexibility drew the jury’s attention. The girl got married, gave up her job, and gave birth to three kids, and that was how it all came to an end.

Years went by, the kids grew up, and the spouse passed away. Daphne was struggling with money. Once, at the age of more than 60, she was able to participate in a television program about the first models.

The woman looked great for her age, and one of the glitzy magazines included a picture of her. There were also suggestions to pick up where we left off.

Daphne is currently 93 years old yet still makes appearances in Vogue and other magazines. One photo session costs more than $1,500. Yoga lessons, a balanced diet, an active way of life, and a happy outlook on life all contribute to the age model’s continued beauty and vitality.

Let’s send the model well wishes for long life and good health so she can continue her modeling profession.