She slips his son a graduation gift in exchange after the…

Every parent enjoys watching their kids graduate, but Rob Edwards was doing everything he could to relish the pride in his son’s academic success.

His joy was so contagious that a total stranger felt obligated to give his youngster a gift.

Florida native Edwards claims he was ready to enter his neighborhood bank when he encountered the grateful stranger.

Edwards is from Tampa.

Edwards posted on Facebook, “Today I was walking into the bank [when] I held the door open for this lady behind me.”

She waited for me to walk in front of her after entering the door. By all means, move in front of me, I commanded.

My son earned his degree today. I’m slowing down and trying to appreciate each moment.

“We continued our small talk about how fortunate we were to arrive before the bank closed and about the joys, fun, and challenging times that come with raising an 18-year-old.

I then approached the teller and finished my transaction.

But as he was speaking with the banker, the lady slid an envelope from under his arm and congratulated him, saying, “Congratulations, I’m really glad for you.”

Edwards was perplexed by the gesture and thanked the woman before completing his business.

Then, when he opened the envelope, he discovered a pristine $50 cash inside.

The dad ran outside after being “floored” by the gesture and observed the woman getting into her car.

“I approached her car and exclaimed, ‘I can’t take this!’ to her.

“You glow when you talk about your boy,” she remarked. I want to bless him also since you’re a blessing to him. Edwards narrates.

I was really moved, he continued. “Her name escapes me, and I’ve never met her. But I’ll always remember her affection.

Edwards offered the woman a hug and asked to take a picture with her before they parted ways.

Later, he shared the picture on social media to commend the woman for her kindness.

Today’s world needs more of this, according to Edwards. The kindness, not the money. I gave a stranger a hug today.

Love was shown to my son, who I adore with all of my heart. The father’s affection for the son fills him with joy. I am fortunate.