When Teen Sees Senior Sitting Outside in Hot Sun, He Grabs an Umbrella and Runs to Help… But see what he wanted from him after that…

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After shielding a woman from the sun for more than one hour and forty-five minutes, a young man is going viral for all the right reasons.

Louis Jordan noticed Michelle, an elderly woman in a wheelchair, waiting for the bus in downtown Houston, Texas, when he picked up his mother from work.

Louis stopped his car and retrieved an umbrella, using it to shield Michelle from the sun for nearly two hours, when most people would have just kept walking.

“It was scorching hot.

Louis said KTRK, “I wouldn’t want to be out there in the heat.

Michelle and Louis laughed and spoke while they waited for the bus till it eventually arrived for Michelle.

Louis claims that because they now genuinely enjoy one other’s company, he always grabs his umbrella when he sees her waiting for the bus so they can chat while she waits.

Bernette Botts, Louis’ mother, took the picture and uploaded it to social media, where it has now received thousands of shares.

I am a very proud mother, Botts declared.

Watch the video…