She was bullied as a kid due to her looks but now everybody knows her and how great she looks!

A native of Australia endured taunts about her appearance from classmates since she was a little child, but as she grew older and more attractive, the situation worsened.

The girl had to exact retribution since no one took her seriously due to her appearance. Such a lovely vendetta has never been seen before.

Maria Tattil, an Australian, dislikes thinking back on her school days because she endured harassment from her peers. The Australian woman was attacked as a young child due to her features. Maria recalls that because she had any glaring identifying features, she was perplexed as to why her peers disliked her.

Maria refrained from adopting a character because by the time she reached high school, the girl had become noticeably more attractive, and her classmates had moved on to other targets for their teasing.

It would appear that Tattil’s life should take a turn for the better, but she was still depressed for other reasons.

Maria became, in her opinion, incredibly attractive by the time she finished school, and people started to question her IQ. She had a hard time getting a spot at the university since nobody took her seriously.

Maria always completed all the chores correctly, but neither the teachers nor her classmates thought she was a good student even after she started.

The girl managed to earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in human resources despite the teachers’ attitudes. Maria continued to have misfortunes after leaving the institution.

Maria believed it was crucial to show that a person’s perspective should not be used to justify their disdain of them, therefore she made the decision to exact beautiful retribution on all of the offenders. The young woman was crowned Miss Universe Australia in 2020.