Shocking video captured in courtroom shows convicted felon leaping over the bench to attack the judge who was sentencing him

The alarming incident occurred at the Regional Justice Center in Las Vegas on January 3, where defendant Deobra Delone Redden appeared before Clark County District Judge Mary Kay Holthus.

Redden, with a prior conviction for domestic battery in Nevada, had pleaded guilty in November to an amended charge of attempted battery causing substantial bodily harm.

On the day of the court appearance, Redden, not in custody, sought leniency from the judge. Describing himself as someone committed to doing the right thing, he expressed reluctance about going to prison but acknowledged the appropriateness of the consequences if deemed necessary.

Despite Redden’s attorney advocating for probation, the judge declined the request based on his prior offenses, stating that it was time for him to experience a different consequence due to his history.

As Holthus indicated her intention to impose prison time for the charge, Redden abruptly rushed towards the bench, propelling himself over it towards Holthus.

The defendant landed on top of the judge, who attempted to evade the situation, prompting court officials and officers to intervene and attempt to subdue Redden.

Following the incident, Redden was arrested and confined at the Clark County Detention Center. He now faces several additional felony charges, including battery on a protected person.

Courthouse officials reported that Holthus suffered injuries as she fell against the wall during the altercation, but she did not require hospitalization. A courtroom marshal, injured in the incident, received treatment for a forehead gash and a dislocated shoulder.

Chief County District Attorney Richard Scow noted the rapidity of the attack, stating, “It was hard to know what to do.”

Steve Wolfson, Clark County District Attorney, expressed gratitude for the safety of the judge and praised the heroic efforts of those who came to her aid, particularly her marshal and law clerk.

In response to the incident, court spokesperson Mary Ann Price stated that officials are reviewing protocols and will take necessary actions to protect the judiciary, the public, and employees. UNILAD has sought comment from the Regional Justice Center.

Viewer discretion is advised: Distressing Footage: