Small-house design experts share their suggestions: a stairwell with unique design…

Urban compact dwellings must be carefully planned, with every square inch serving a specific purpose. Numerous novel ways of managing space are provided by contemporary architectural and design solutions.

Utilizing the area under the stairs in two-story apartments is one of these suggestions. This triangle-shaped area is primarily filled with trash and outdated items, but it may be transformed into a wine cellar, for instance.

In North Perth, Western Australia, there is a contemporary industrial design studio called Rough Furniture. The “Wave Rack” project is their most recent creation. This one-of-a-kind piece of furniture features a retractable, built-in wine rack and is manufactured to order to fit the proportions of the flat and the landing.

It is simple to open and features 39 chambers for keeping wines, cognacs, and champagnes. Simply pull the unique handle to open it, then press it to close it. There are more uses for this unusual shelf besides wine. It has a custom-made set of built-in shelves and drawers.

All of the shelves are constructed from premium natural materials, mostly American wood. The glass portion of the bottle closures allows hosts and visitors to see the wine collection. Glass also acts as a ventilation system and a moisture barrier.

It is the only business in Australia to provide such cutting-edge bespoke designs and to provide unique architectural solutions that go with the house design. The business intends to grow and export furniture and built-in wardrobes in the future.

The interiors of today are distinct from those of the previous century. Massive shelving and cabinets are no longer in style. Furniture with several uses that is more valued is compact and can hold more items.