Stunning triplets dominated social media at a young age… They grew older and here is how the ladies look today!

You have undoubtedly seen these lovely women on social media. In a short time, these females rose to the top of the youth culture. There are many hundred thousand subscribers to their social networks.

However, in addition to their peculiar sense of humor, they also draw attention with their vibrant dances. Even though the girls are only twenty, they are already well known. Additionally, they are independent of their parents and can support themselves.

They previously earned a degree in choreography, and they spend all of their spare time doing what they love. However, all three of the females have aspirations to start their own businesses.

They grew up together as buddies. And despite the fact that they themselves lack imagination, their parents fostered in them a passion of the stage.

Beauties Mironenko acknowledge they weren’t prepared for such a following. Fame brought criticism with it. But they manage to handle it well.

Naturally, viewers are also curious in the females’ private life. They each have their own gentlemen. Each of them has a unique perspective on fashion concerns when it comes to style. They do not rule out the possibility that they will be included in the model.

Thankfully, the girls have evidence for this.