Sweden Opens World’s First Mall for Repaired and Recycled Goods… You Won’t Believe When You See What You Can Buy…

A new generation of recycling has now developed from local drop-off sites into a complete shopping mall that sells solely repaired or upcycled products.

This new generation of recycling has resulted in the creation of an entirely new market.

The new recycling facility is called ReTuna terbruksgalleria, although the name has nothing to do with tuna; rather, it was named after the Swedish town of Eskilstuna, Sweden, where the building is located.

The facilities include both a shopping mall and a recycling center inside their boundaries.

Customers have the option of donating stuff that they are no longer using and then shopping for something new all within the same visit.

The items that are brought in for donation are divided into the various workshops where they will be reconditioned or mended as appropriate.

After that, the products are arranged into 14 different specialized stores, each of which sells items such as furniture, computers, audio equipment, clothes, toys, bikes, as well as gardening and building materials, all of which are repurposed from previously owned items.

The center also features a conference and exhibition facility replete with a speciality school for studying recycling, in addition to a restaurant and café that place a major emphasis on organic items as their primary source of cuisine.

The local municipality, which runs the center, has been able to contribute to the growth of the local economy by creating fifty new employment in the retail and repair sectors, as well as by offering office space to local entrepreneurs and artists.

The greatest benefit that the center provides for the Swedish community is that it frees the local government from the enormous responsibility and expense of getting rid of undesired things, all while turning potential “waste” into revenues. This is a huge boon for the community.

According to Anna Bergstrom, the center manager of ReTuna Recycling Galleria, “Our aim is that the client comes here and leaves certain items, such as some furniture and clothing, that can get tired or that they no longer have any use for.”

“Then you walk around the mall one more time. You should look for a new frame and a new jacket to put on the photograph of the grandfather so that it can have a more distinctive and exquisite appearance.

Since you consume an organic lunch at our establishment in order to fortify yourself so that you may complete the circuit and come back with fresh flowers for the garden as well as a new lamp for the living room.

When you leave this place, you should have the satisfaction of knowing that you contributed something positive to the preservation of the natural world, and that you prevented climate change.