The 17-year-old daughter of Belmondo looks exactly like her father… Take a look at these adorable images!

Many people wait until they are well into adulthood before having children. People are now choosing to start families at ages often associated with becoming grandparents, which is a new trend.

The legendary actor Jean-Paul Belmondo encountered a similar situation.

He was in his 70s when his daughter was born. That isn’t a bad age, is it?

The infant’s mother was a woman by the name of Tardivel Natty. She became a mother for the first time at age 37. It’s not surprising that journalists are so interested in this news story.

Nobody anticipated Belmondo would become a parent at such a young age. Nobody. The well-known actor has repeated that several times to express his joy at becoming a father to his young child.

Nothing makes him happier than spending time with his daughter Stella.

JeanPaul is committed to supporting Stella in any way he can, and he longs for more opportunities to get involved in her life. Associates claim that his daughter is really similar to her fantastic father.

These terms are not frequently used to describe someone’s physical traits. Stella is a carbon copy of JeanPaul, her father.

She is incredibly brave, has a steely determination, and is unyielding.