The first time siblings see the newborn baby is legendary… Watch the adorable moment here!

The new baby that has been developing inside of you for so long is finally ready to be welcomed! Given that you’ve been through it before and are now more assured and at ease with the idea of working, you should feel encouraged and enthusiastic. Let the oldest child know that he is the main focus and will always be given your undivided attention.

If you are holding the newborn, quickly hand it over to the father or a family member nearby and extend a warm welcome to the elder child before introducing the new infant.

It would give you comfort to know that you are still the same mum. Giving your big brother or sister a gift from a baby, mom, and dad will make the occasion memorable and unforgettable because you assisted in wrapping the baby’s gift. Please use your child’s first name when addressing them, rather than “our child” or “your little sister” or “your little brother.”

Tell him to speak to his siblings and say, “Your brother or sister wants to hear from you; he knows your voice since he always heard you from his mother’s tummy.”

His siblings will be happy to hear from him. Celebrate the arrival of the new one! Allow the older child to take part fully, blow out the candles, blow out the balloons, and cut the cake, which will make them joyful because they can do so many things that the infant is still unable to do.

Here is the video: