When a blind man sings five Sinatra lyrics, all four judges get ready to push their buttons…

Regular viewers of the show will recall him from Holland’s Got Talent, where, despite his Sinatra voice, he never advanced past the quarterfinals. After 35 years of battling to realize her ambition, The Voice Senior maybe her big break.

Although Bob Bullee doesn’t use social media, he decided to create a Facebook account for himself after his stirring performance had host Johnny de Mol and judge Chantal Janzen in tears.

He appeared on the German Das Supertalent as well as Soundmixshow, Una Voce Particolare, and Soundmixshow. Finally, Bully vs Gordon, Chantal Janzen, Dan Carati, and Angela Groothuizen. After wiping away her tears, the latter touched the golden button, which secured her spot on the show.

“You wait in anticipation for the ideal time. When you have a good voice but don’t succeed, it’s discouraging. To be really honest, it occasionally caused me to feel to the point of depression. But my optimistic side swiftly took control once more.

The Sinatra I hear. When she turned 60, she also accomplished a lot of attractiveness. The very best is still to come.

Here is the video: