The general public was confused by Adele’s latest appearance, asking, “Gained weight again?”

Every time Adele performs in public, she creates a significant stir. And this time, the artist’s striking alterations in shape were highlighted by her attractive attire.

Adele stopped performing live and ceased showing up at social gatherings about three years ago.

The singer then decided to take a brief career vacation after going through a challenging divorce from businessman and her son’s father Simon Konecki.

After the parting, the singer aggressively started to alter her look, with her shapes being the primary change. In just a year, Adele went from being a starry-eyed chubby to a lovely lady with a trim waist.

The British star’s subsequent makeover stunned everyone. Unrecognizable was the singer! Fans at one point even expressed concern over Adele’s extreme thinness.

The artist was, as they say, “skin and bones” for a while, but she soon started to gradually put on weight once more. Adele gave a solo performance in Las Vegas where she wore a black velvet dress with an uncovered neckline to show off the outcome of this.

The singer’s small waist and her wide hips were highlighted by her luxurious dress. Internet people instantly started debating whether Adele is indeed gaining weight once more. Or perhaps she just looked bigger because she was wearing a strange belt with velvet clothing?

Internet users reacted to Adele’s latest weight gain with comments like “Adele has gained weight again,” “So pretty, but why are her hips so big,” “Kim Kardashian will appreciate,” “I don’t comprehend if the dress added her excess weight, or she really got better,” and “Beautiful lady in whatever form she is.”

The artist has stated time and time again that strict exercise regimens and severe dietary restrictions were responsible for her weight loss.

Adele denied having any procedures or treatments, yet certain subtle differences in her appearance were still discernible.