The high school janitor brought the kids to a room and no one knew the reason behind it… It turns out…

By displaying great love and concern for disadvantaged youngsters, Caroline Collins, a downtrodden woman who works as a janitor in a school, has become a national hero. The truth is that many of the students at the school where she works are orphans. They acknowledged that they had been eating very little for a long time when she used her compassion to penetrate their hard, miserable hearts. Caroline then understood it was time to take action!

A high school janitor in Georgia was always incredibly committed to her work and kind with both staff and students.

She ensured that the entire school was always spotless and well-organized.

One day, she learned that several of the students at the school had no homes and had been eating very little for days.

She spotted students who were also in school much earlier when she came at school one day earlier than normal. The children refused to talk to her, clearly embarrassed of something, so she made the decision to find out why they had shown up so early. Caroline eventually learned that they merely lacked a home. And it was clear that the kids were undernourished. The school had more of such children than the two who had arrived that morning.

And neither the district nor the school are even relevant. According to statistics, 23% of homeless people in this state are under the age of 18. Of course, such circumstances have an impact on children’s physical and mental health.

When Caroline heard about it, she was unable to stay away because she had lost her son in a home invasion robbery years earlier. She made the decision to do whatever she could to assist.

The woman stated, “I’m simply trying to discourage young people from going down the dangerous path of stealing and killing.”

Caroline considered that she could have brought some practical items to the school for these kids. Of course, that wouldn’t be sufficient. Other teachers also contributed some items, and she needed a place to store them all.

The “closet of care” was subsequently established in a typical school closet where Caroline and the other instructors delivered clothing, shoes, canned goods, and personal hygiene items for the pupils.

The woman used her own money to purchase the majority of these practical products. She didn’t care, though.

No one outside the school was aware of Caroline’s four years of this small but extremely beneficial activity.

She assisted roughly 20 students each year. She was aware, though, that she was ignorant of many people who were in need.

I urged the teachers to pay close attention to the kids who wore the same clothes for a long time and walked about with their heads down and tell me about them.

The woman was greatly admired by many kids, and naturally, word of her small, covert factory of good deeds spread.

Carolina was discovered! Someone produced a film about her and her deeds that was posted on Facebook and quickly rose to fame.

People found it hard to believe Caroline had such a generous desire to assist kids. She had gone much beyond what was required of her, and she would definitely be rewarded!

After watching a video of Caroline’s actions, a local businesswoman decided to offer her a Christmas present. She handed her some cash and $1,300 worth of supplies for her “closet of care.”

When Harvey’s team spoke with several Tucker High School students, they couldn’t stop gushing about how kind she was. When Caroline went shopping for a $5,000 “closet of care” sponsored by Sam’s Club, it was captured on camera for the press.

A second gift was offered to Caroline after she accepted an invitation on the Steve Harvey Show.

$15,000. She could finally treat herself with that money. Caroline was deeply moved, but more than anything she was overjoyed that she had been aware of the children’s issues and could still assist them.