Mom and daughter frequently perform for passersby on the streets… Wait till you hear their voice in this VIDEO!

On the streets of large cities, you can frequently find street musicians. A particular atmosphere is always produced by music. You want to take a moment to pause in a city where everything moves quickly and enter the realm of lovely songs.

Karolina Protsendko, a gifted violinist who resides in the United States, frequently plays on the streets of Santa Monica. Karolina expertly creates covers of well-known works and imbues them with a distinctive tone. Parents encourage their daughters in everything and determine that the youthful talent should be known to others outside of the vacation area.

The girl is already well-known practically everywhere. Many people are now aware of young talent because of the YouTube channel. Instantaneously, her page attracted more than five million subscribers. The girl claims that she gives well-known pieces a few notes of her own to add, so they sound fresh. Carolina, a well-known violinist who has even made a solo CD, still does free performances on the city’s streets.

She made the decision to perform with her mum this time. Karolina is from a musical family, incidentally. It is hardly surprising that the girl’s mother played the keyboard and sang so beautifully. Together, they sang the Bottles’ song “Let It Be.” It was quite lovely and romantic. After the performance, a mob of onlookers gathered around them and remained for some time. Everyone requested that the musicians change their songs.

The parents of Karolina are also musicians. When Caroline was 6 years old, the family relocated to the US. She started taking violin lessons that year and started attending a classical school. In the summer of 2017, Carolina started her training in Santa Monica, California. She has three YouTube channels in addition to Facebook and Instagram sites.

Her fan base has increased to 5 million subscribers in more than 50 countries in less than two years. More than 400 million people have seen her videos on YouTube and other media websites. She received an invitation to the well-known Ellen Show. She imagines performing all around the world and spreading joy via her songs.

Here is the video: