The parents took in a sick child, and the girl helped 143 other children live…

Roger and Corrine Vogel were heartbroken when they couldn’t conceive children in the early 1970s. They opted to adopt because they yearned for a large family so badly. Cindy, a 10-week-old baby girl who had been left behind by her own mother, was given the option.

The doctors told Corrin and Roger the awful news that Cindy was born with a large hole in her heart and was not expected to live to reach her first birthday until all the adoption formalities and paperwork were completed. Corrin and Roger already knew the baby was not quite healthy.

The social worker who visited the home questioned the parents about returning the child. Corrin and Roger steadfastly declined, nevertheless. The young man remarked, “How can we give her up if she’s ours?”

In order to stay with their daughter for as long as fate would allow it, the husband and wife made the decision to bear their cross to the bitter end. Cindy’s first year of life came and went, followed by the second and third… The daughter grew and developed as it should have for her age thanks to the attention and affection of her parents, medical supervision, and the scheduled procedure.

After that, Corrin and Roger Vogel realized how much power they had to heal sick children. They started adopting additional children with health challenges while remodeling their California home, adding extra bedrooms and baths.

The spouses are now elderly individuals who have raised 143 other people’s children in their household throughout the course of their 50+ year marriage! Additionally, over the years they also had five biological children, which is presumably because God answered their requests because of their good deeds.

And what happened to Cindy, Corrine and Roger’s first adoptive child? She had an effective open-heart procedure as a child, and the illness subsided. The woman is now over 40, has four of her own kids, and three adorable grandkids!