The police found an abandoned suitcase and they were taken aback to find out what was inside…

Officers decided to slow down and offer assistance when they noticed a mom and her dog speeding through a busy area early last month.

After the dogs were captured and transported to the Center, the police’s day improved a little. after they came across a closed suitcase that was emitting screams.

When the officers gently opened the luggage, they were shocked to see 7 little puppies inside.

The puppies screamed out in joy as the case was eventually opened.

The animals were screaming out for their mother, the dog the police had just saved when the cops put the events of the day together. “We are extremely grateful that they returned to protect these pets!”

According to the report, “The puppies owed their whole existence to their mother, who ran about attempting to get help so she could remove her babies from the suitcase.”

The animals are healthy but not yet suitable for adoption, but they are currently taking advantage of all the affection and cuddling from the shelter employees.