The woman sold her home, bought a yacht, and started traveling the globe while paying tribute to…

You can always fulfill your life’s goals, regardless of your age. Numerous new works of art have been produced by thousands of elderly people who depend on old-age pensions to support them. The thought of residing on a tourist island will appeal to many people.

But can they all actually make it happen? This is a query that merits some guesswork. You can give away your belongings and rent a yacht instead. It was Wachstetter, 86, who put this plan into action. She spent nearly 12 years living on a boat.

She resided in her own custom-built stateroom on her own luxury cruise ship. She has experienced many experiences, and she even wrote an autobiography about the remarkable event. In 1997, Mrs. Lee Wachtstatter, also referred to as “Mama Lee,” lost her husband.

When she was by herself, she made the decision to honor her husband’s commitment. Mama Lee relocated to her ideal yacht to reside. Her home was sold. His daily activities now revolve around exploring new areas and taking trips. She has traveled to more than 100 nations.

Her crew and a number of aides assisted her. His adventures were fascinating and exciting. Her workers looked after her and took good care of her. In her entire life, she had never been happier than she had been in the previous few years. Mama Lee has long stated that she doesn’t care about costs.

They are not as important as the quality of life. She completed her husband’s wish and upheld his vow by taking this action. The pair recently returned from their maritime journey, which they much loved.

What’s fascinating is that she began dancing when the boat came to the desired location. She danced with the rest of the boat as well. She did it in honor of her husband, who she traveled on 89 occasions. His routine was exciting and packed with adventures.

She had strong emotions and happiness on a daily basis. She was thrilled even if her spouse wasn’t there because his favorite pastimes were traveling and sailing.