The world’s first sixtuplets were born to a strong woman; here is how they appear now, 30 years later…

Janet and Graham had always desired children, as have many other families. They didn’t anticipate having a sizable family of their own, though. Janet finally became pregnant after 13 tries following a protracted struggle of infertility!

They were shocked by their luck.

They couldn’t wait for the initial scan because they were in for a second surprise. But it didn’t end there.

The couple learned they were having six children at once during the scan.

It was a tremendous joyful surprise to learn they will have 6 children after experiencing so many difficulties.

Specialists insisted that Janet be treated in the district hospital, so she was.

On November 18, 1983, he gave birth to six healthy children.

The children had a difficult beginning to life, but then they began attending school.

It was challenging to get females ready for puberty with six daughters.

They assert that their daughters have always made them happy.

From an early age, they were good mates, and nothing has changed between them.

They are 34 years old right now.

While others began their own families, some of them went on to have great careers.

The family recently took a vacation as a unit.

They traveled to New York in a remarkable way with their parents.

Their first child, Sarah, gave birth to a grandchild who belongs to her parents.

In 2014, she gave birth to a daughter, whom she named Yorgi.

The fact that they have six daughters implies that the family will expand and they will eventually have more grandchildren, which makes them really happy!

They assert that it was challenging to completely appreciate each step of their development as women, but things have improved with time.

The fact that their granddaughter has parents, grandparents, and at least five aunts like this makes them all happy and content.

Spouses can now spend as much time as they like with their granddaughter because they have plenty of spare time!

The addition of several grandchildren will cause their family to grow every year!