There are houses in Italy worth one euro! Here is what they look like…

News of Italian real estate sales for one euro in 2019 circulated throughout the world. In order to purchase real estate in a charming region of Italy, many individuals hurried.

Architect Rubia Daniels, who relocated to Italy from the United States, was one of them. In the incredibly picturesque countryside, surrounded by mountains and forests, she purchased three homes at a time. Repairs, which were to be finished in three years, were a requirement of the agreement. Here, it became apparent why the homes were almost given away.

The woman had no idea how much money she would wind up spending when she began the first house’s renovation. The cost of the building supplies alone came to around $25,000. Rubia claimed that because she was an architect by trade and was familiar with building, she tried to purchase the least expensive materials and completed the majority of the work herself.

To let people realize what they are getting into when they purchase a one dollar property, the woman recorded the entire event on video and posted it to her social media profile.

Rubia didn’t understand the value of selling homes until much later. It is a fact that Italy’s villages and countryside are largely deserted.

Young people hanker after the metropolis, and anyone who can find work does so.

Therefore, the authorities decided to fill in the vacant spaces, and the necessary repairs were made to prevent the houses from collapsing.

As a result, repairs cost so much money that you could purchase an average home in Italy.

Rubia does not regret his purchase, though, despite all of this. She had long desired to relocate to Italy, so the chance to purchase a home at such a price was excellent.

She wanted to travel and was already retired. Although she was unable to purchase a home with a substantial down payment, it was possible for her to gently refurbish it over time.

Additionally, he can have repairs done as he sees fit. She purchased three homes for her kids so they might eventually move in and rest there. Italy is home to numerous beautiful and historic locations, in addition to its distinctive natural environment.

When the repairs are finished, Rubia is getting ready to traverse the nation. The other two houses won’t be touched just yet. She claims that her home has enough rooms to accommodate visitors even if the kids opt to come.