There is a floating gym in Paris, so you won’t be able to avoid working out.

Carlo Ratti Associati, an Italian company, has developed a stunning and aesthetically pleasing method to encourage more people to engage in physical activity.

They developed a one-of-a-kind vessel that can navigate the Seine River in Paris by relying solely on the power provided by its passengers.

An intriguing strategy to motivate people to burn calories for their own money in order to provide energy for the ship; if you don’t exercise, the ship won’t make it.

The cutting-edge vessel measures 20 meters in length and has seating for up to 45 passengers.

The idea behind the floating gym is to demonstrate to people how much tremendous energy a person can make during a workout by showing them that they can truly move the boat using only their own body’s momentum. Isn’t it difficult to come up with a more original reason to do something?

If there aren’t enough people on board to power the ship, it will, of course, have to rely on the renewable energy provided by the solar panels that are mounted on the roof.

Another compelling argument in favor of a trip to Paris!