These cute twins already attend school… Here is what they look like!

The girls’ remarkable birth led to their inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records. Katie was born first, then Amy. If not for the sisters’ 87-day age difference, everything would be OK. When Maria learned she was expecting her third child, she was 38 years old.

She and her husband, Chris, were really content. Their family already had two children; their son Jack was two years younger than his sister Olivia, who is now 18 years old.

By the time she reached the first ultrasound, Maria was sure of her assumptions. The doctor supported the woman’s suspicions that she was carrying twins.

The pregnancy went smoothly up until 23 weeks, and the pregnant woman worked until May. Once at work, Maria was sent to the hospital after feeling ill. Two weeks later, Amy was born. The infant showed up four months ahead of the original September 21 delivery date.

When the infant was transferred to intensive care, her mother lost hope. Doctors cautioned the woman about losing both daughters.

The second child, who stubbornly clung to life in the mother’s womb, was in no rush to be born. Maria was struggling since one of her kids was in an intensive care unit, and the other was inside of her.

The mom prayed to God for both her daughters’ survival for the next three months, which were pretty miserable. Up until August 27, Maria spent the entire time in the hospital.

The other twin, Katie-Jones, was born on this date. They celebrate their birthdays every year in June and August, according to their mom. The actual dates of birth are listed on birth certificates.

Amy is more animated and enjoys reading, whereas Katy is serene, cheerful, and amiable with numbers. The babies also have different personalities.