“They are Children, not Dogs,” the Kentucky father of five children is shamed for doing this…

They are People, not Dogs, Kentucky father of quintuplets was ridiculed for putting his kids on a leash.

When quintuplets were born to a Kentucky couple, their lives were permanently altered. But he never expected the intense criticism and animosity that would follow his parenting decisions.

Parents are busier than anyone who works a full-time job, and couples frequently have to pick up new skills on the job. No matter how hard they try, parents can never get everything right, and when there are multiple children, the task is even more difficult.

Even though there are many sleepless nights and sacrifices involved, being a parent is incredibly rewarding. Unfortunately, not everyone can see what parents do for their children, and observers can be cruel.

The five lovely children that Jordan Driskell and his wife Briana had—Zoey, Dakota, Hollyn, Asher, and Gavin—were loved by both of them. Although raising quintuplets required a substantial change in lifestyle, the couple relished every moment.

Jordan’s parenting decisions didn’t impress many online users, and they made that obvious in their comments.

To make sure their brood was cared for and safe, they had to devise a number of inventive parenting strategies. Full-time care was needed to run their household, and dad Jordan was always eager to spend time with his children.

Even though it could seem like a nice idea to take the kids on a trip to the park or an enjoyable day of amusement, Jordan knew it was never simple and always came with some worries.

The effort required to leave the house with all five children was medal-worthy. To help their family travel around, Jordan and his wife first used a stroller with six seats. However, they adjusted their look and went with something less absurd and bulky.
Every time they left the house with all five of their children, the devoted parents started utilizing a leash—and it worked for them! The pleased father shared:

Kids want to run off and explore because they are so inquisitive. We utilize a leash for our own mental health and sanity. Additionally, we may leave the house stress-free and engage in enjoyable family activities.