This 18-year-old girl only consumed three apples per day for eight months. Five years later, here is what she looks like…

Victoria Mason Doxer, a Frenchwoman, was formerly regarded as one of the most prominent models in the haute couture world.

Her adventure got off to a fairy tale start when her mother brought her daughter shopping as a reward for her hard work and good behavior. Victoria was also observed by a representative of a significant modeling agency when she was shopping.

Since then, a protracted journey of ongoing hunger strikes has begun in order for you to briefly walk the catwalk wearing clothing that fits sizes 32–34. In order to temporarily curb her appetite, Victoria, at one point, restricted herself to drinking soda and eating three apples a day.

It lasted almost a whole year. True, the girl still gave herself permission to eat fish or poultry once a week to receive at least some protein.

The girl made the decision to quit the industry after becoming well-known in the fashion industry but damaging her health. Even a book titled “No Skinny Enough: The Diary of a Top Model” was released by her.

Some models expressed their disagreement with the book’s content, but Victoria did not condemn them because they could not see the girl’s point of view as being accurate because they had jobs as well.