This 82-year-old man volunteers by caring for kids when their parents are unable to…

David Deutschman is a former CMO who, after retiring in 2000, started giving lectures at Atlanta-area schools and universities.

Even though he was thrilled to be working on this project, he wanted to spend his free time doing something else. Then he began doing voluntary work at a hospital for children.

In his current volunteer position, an 82-year-old man looks after kids when their parents are unable to.

David started his job as a volunteer in newborn and pediatric intensive care units, giving hugs, consolation, and support to parents and kids.

The man observed that several of the ailing family members did not pay them any visits. He claimed that some babies never had visitors.

The man is now referred to as the “grandfather of the intensive care unit” and spends two days a week in the hospital. David, a volunteer at the clinic for more than 16 years, said that he enjoys the atmosphere there.

He claims that he has learned via his voluntary work that many youngsters require kindness in addition to health.

Sadly, some kids require a little more affection than others.

A picture of David cradling a child was recently made public by Scottish Rite Children’s Healthcare in Atlanta, indicating his status as a grandfather receiving intensive care.

He once claimed that they simply don’t comprehend the benefits of simply cuddling and holding a youngster in your arms.