This 86-year-old woman started her career in 1957 and is now considered to be the world’s longest-serving flight attendant…

Even maintaining a career for ten years is regarded as successful. However, individuals who have been employed by the same company for more than 50 years unquestionably deserve their fair share of credit.

And for more than 65 years, Bette Nash has been succeeding in her career.

Bette Nash has cause to rejoice. She has more than 65 years of experience with American Airlines. In 1957, the Boston native graduated to stewardess! She has since made annual trips of thousands of miles throughout the globe.

She has nearly 65 years of flight attendant experience, making her the longest-serving in Guinness World Records!

The fact that the airline provided Bette the option to choose her route may be one of the reasons she has remained with the company. And for the majority of her career, Bette has remained devoted to the New York-Boston-Washington, D.C. shuttle.

The explanation for her decision is really touching. It’s because the route enables her to spend every evening at home with her son. Additionally, she must be at home with her son because Bette, his mother, is the main caregiver for him due to his disability.

American Airlines customers also adore Bette. Due to her lengthy tenure with the airline, the seasoned stewardess may also be recognized by some frequent travelers.

One airline passenger told the reporters, “I fly hundreds of thousands of miles a year, but these are always my greatest flights when Bette is on the plane.

Bette has received attention in the past, and she still holds that position. She worked for American Airlines for 60 years in 2017, making her the oldest stewardess in the world at the time.

Bette now holds the record after five years. She remembers how much has changed in the aviation industry, mentioning how passengers used to be given cigarettes and matches back in the day! Something that is unthinkable to us right now.

She also discussed the unrealistic beauty requirements that stewardesses had to achieve. They were required to meet particular height and weight requirements, and if they failed to keep their weight in check, the corporation would remove them from the payroll.

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