Because of Elon Musk, the Grammy-winning song “What You Wanna Say,” which encourages bravery and speaking your thoughts, has left Twitter…

Grammy-winning performer Sara Bareilles claims that Elon Musk will take over Twitter because she has gone insane. Sarah’s song “Brave” became a great smash.

Say what you’d like to say, and let the words fall out, she says in the song. I genuinely want to hear you speak your mind and show courage.

But when the brilliant Elon Musk battles to defend free speech in the US, which is essential since losing it would mean losing everything, she lacks courage.

Sarah responded, “Welp.

Twitter is a lot of fun.

I’m out.

People, I’ll see you on other websites.

I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in this one.

Even though she “quit,” she still has 2.8 million followers and hasn’t written anything since.

She is hardly the only well-known person outraged with Musk.

Producer Ken Olin warned his 300,000 followers, “I’m out of here.”

I’ll stop using Twitter the moment Elon Musk buys it.

Be impartial.

Maintain your optimism.

Please defend our democracy.

Let’s attempt to be kinder.

We must exert all of our effort to safeguard the planet.

Let’s attempt to be more considerate and helpful.

He said, “Let’s attempt to make the world a better place,” before directing them to follow him somewhere else.

The creator of the Billions television series, Brian Koppelman, said, “Y’all, honestly, find me on Instagram and the took.”

“I’m going to try to move away from here for a moment or a month when the deal is almost done,” the person said.

He had earlier said, “I can see why you might want to take an extended sabbatical from Twitter when EM takes over.”

“It looks that Bill and Ted actor Alex Winter has quit using the social media platform.

Before closing his account, he removed all of his posts and provided his followers with contact information. In addition, he published a meme that portrayed Musk, Kanye West, and the late President Donald Trump as the Three Musketeers.

In addition to deleting her account, British actress Jameela Jamil made the remark, “Oh, he got Twitter.” Jameela Jamil is widely known for her appearances in “The Good Place” and “She-Hulk.”

This should be my last tweet, if possible.

But she did come back.

Mia Farrow told us, “I guess if Twitter gets much worse, with more Trumpy-treasonous lies and anger, it will be taken less seriously, and people like me will resign for peace of mind.

Rob Reiner, however, had a change of heart and chose to stick around and continue the battle.

He said, “Now is not the time to abandon Twitter if you are trying to preserve our Constitutional Democracy.”

Vote blue now is the time to do so!

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