This baby has been living for 8 years without a nose… Read to know what happened to her…

Here is the incredibly rare newborn girl born without a nose eight years ago.

Tessa enjoys playing a variety of games, going on walks in the park, riding her bike, and engaging with other children, just like all of her peers. Tessa, on the other hand, is completely unique and recognizable due to the fact that the girl was born without a nose, which is a once-in-a-lifetime circumstance.

The infant was immediately given the diagnosis of aplasia, a rare disease that has only ever occurred 100 times in the history of the planet and causes the absence of specific body parts or organs.

The kid was given the diagnosis of aplasia at birth, which is the congenital lack of a body part or organ, in this case, the nose. There are just about 100 cases of this disease in the entire world.

Tessa is able to cough, sneeze, and even catch colds despite the fact that she cannot smell and lacks sinuses.

The girl seems upbeat despite all of the challenges she has encountered since birth.

The parents’ initial shock at their daughter’s lack of a nose quickly subsided, and they soon stopped noticing it as anything that made her apart from other kids.

The spouses discovered the girl will be born with this characteristic when an ultrasound revealed an unusual face profile.

Future parents were given the option to end the pregnancy, but they declined, leading to the birth of cute Tessa. She may not have been born like the other babies, but it does not make her any worse than the others.

The girl’s aplasia is not her only issue; she was also born with unsound heart and eye conditions. She had a cataract in her left eye removed during surgery when she was 11 months old, but because of complications, this eye is remains blind.

For Tessa to be able to breathe while eating and sleeping, the physicians also performed a tracheostomy.

Tessa will undergo several procedures. She should be given artificial noses as she ages. In adolescence, the final prosthesis is anticipated to be created.

Despite everything, Tessa never gives up and develops into a happy, inquisitive, and gregarious young woman. Parents reassure the infant that she is the most typical person, and Tessa’s older sister and brother also prevent her from losing hope.