This couple believed that they found a baby watermelon, however, it was something else…

Lorry went on a hike with his wife to investigate the surrounding area. At one point, he looked down to the ground, whereupon he at once noticed the strangest item on his wife’s sock.

It resembled a little, bumpy cucumber or a baby watermelon. The two, however, found that the little creature was a spider when they looked at it more closely.

We realized it was a little spider since it had started to spin a web, said Lorry. We gently set it down on the ground where I was attempting to capture the photo.

The strange little spider is known as a “cucumber spider” because it more closely resembles a small fruit or vegetable than a living thing.

Although cucumber creatures don’t use hideouts, they are great at hiding in plain sight or creating a scene that makes others look away, so it’s fantastic that Lorry and his second half encountered one.

It appeared that a small creature made her way along the walkway like a walking melon. What a lovely time.