This couple had been together for 64 years… They had a sweet love story of their happy marriage…

Trent Winstead and Dolores started dating just before Trent was called up to the army and deployed to fight in Korea. He frequently wrote her lengthy letters in which he expressed his delight at hearing from her.

How could Dolores refuse while she had a toothbrush in her mouth? He wanted Dolores to be his wife so desperately that he proposed to her while she was cleaning her teeth.

After 64 years of happy marriage, they passed away together on the same day.

They couldn’t be more dissimilar; Dolores preferred to remain at home and cook quietly. Trent, on the other hand, was constantly moving, bursting with ideas, and he frequently spent his free time outdoors playing golf or fishing. She taught literature while he worked in a factory.

The couple frequently spent evenings at home together after both of them had retired, watching the nightly news and attending church on Sundays.

He addressed her as “Mom” or by Eileen’s middle name, gave her surprise kisses, and took her dancing on the weekends. They adored each other, and every day their love grew deeper. It appeared straightforward yet incredibly sweet.

Trent was one of those people who liked to treat all illnesses on his own rather than visiting a doctor. But this time, he got sick enough that his daughter was able to convince him to visit a hospital.

It was discovered there that Trent’s kidneys required immediate dialysis, which greatly weakened his heart.

The kids made an effort to shield Dolores from ominous predictions, but she could already see that her husband’s condition was deteriorating.

Dolores frequently stayed at her husband’s side and even slept in the hospital’s intensive care unit. One night, she worried so much about Trent that she started feeling sick and vomiting as well.

She steadfastly refused, nonetheless, to divorce her spouse. She then dozed off while clutching his hand. No one was suspicious because she had done this several times before; the alarm was only raised when her daughter unsuccessfully attempted to wake her mother.

How it could occur so rapidly and without any prior conditions was beyond the doctors’ comprehension. Trent was told there had been a catastrophe, but the kids tried to convince him otherwise. He was placed in a wheelchair by the nurse and brought to his wife.

Although her brain was no longer sending signals, she was still breathing. “Wake up, Eileen,” Trent commanded as he shook his wife’s hand in tears.

Trent was only able to get an hour of sleep that night. Is Mom still breathing, he inquired upon awakening. Her daughter answered, “Yes, daddy, breathe.

The hospital staff chose to put two patients in the same room despite the fact that this was against all hospital policies because they could see that the spouses’ conditions were getting worse. When Dolores abruptly stopped breathing, they were holding hands and lying side by side.

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