This couple has been married for 60 years! Here are the photos from their 60th anniversary…

To commemorate their 60th wedding anniversary, a couple chose to replicate their endearing wedding pictures.

According to rumors, Marvin and Lucille Stone were wed in 1960 in a tiny Lutheran church in Sterling, Nebraska. This year they made the decision to commemorate the event with a magnificent photo shoot.

The photo shoot was captured by Katie Autry, who described it as one of the most satisfying projects she’s ever had the opportunity to work on.

Marvin, 88, and his wife Lucille, 81, even wore their authentic 1960 attire, including the dress Lucille had fashioned herself!

When Katie posted the happy images to Facebook on August 20, they were shared on social media.

Working with Marvin and Lucille to commemorate their 60th wedding anniversary was a delight for me. One of my favorite sessions thus far might be this one. Even their original wedding clothing was worn by these two lovers throughout the photo session (Lucille made her dress)

“[…] These two are such a wonderful illustration of how real love endures the test of time. I am so happy to have met them and grateful that I was able to preserve these memories for them. Marvin and Lucille, happy wedding anniversary!

According to Katie, when she asked the couple for their advice on how to have a long and happy marriage, they suggested that individuals work hard, be kind to one another, think before speaking, rely on each other’s abilities to make up for your weaknesses, and maintain a strong faith.

Wow … Despite everything that is wrong with the world today, it is stories like this that truly make me feel warm inside. Marvin and Lucille are a beautiful illustration of real love.

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Let’s hope Marvin and Lucille have many more wedding anniversaries!