This father and toddler exercise routine will make you day! Watch the funny video here!

Babies are helpless beings that enjoy mimicking their parents. They enjoy imitating their parents’ activities, whether it be computer work, exercise, TV watching, or newspaper reading.

A few infants have recently been observed attempting to emulate their fathers. They exercised concurrently, or, to be more specific, while performing pushups. These infants demonstrated that even babies could perform pushups in a cuter manner.

The first infant attempted to begin the exercise program by taking up a few small dumbbells. However, the child began crying since it appeared to be too much for him. Then a young child imitated his father by bouncing up and down on the couch as he ran on the treadmill.

Some dads made an effort to teach their young children how to perform pushups properly. One such father demonstrated the technique to his young son in an attempt to teach him how to do push-ups. Instead, his son decided it would be best to make noises and lift his head once to show that he was trying.

The majority of the young children were able to convert the pushup routine into a yoga session. One such infant was practicing his pushup impersonation on the floor in his own room. He ultimately chose to practice yoga, though.

A perceptive child noticed his father performing pushups next to him. Despite his attempts to mimic his father, he soon realized how challenging the training was. As though in protest, he started lightly beating his head on the carpeted floor.

Every toddler performed pushups in their own adorable manner. They all engaged in stunts that made their fathers laugh aloud, despite the impulse to emulate their fathers being evident in their behavior.

Here is the video: