A young woman adopts and takes home THIRTEEN kids to raise as her own before getting married…

The day a woman marries her life partner is one of the most memorable occasions in her life. Nothing would make us happier than having our loved ones join us in enjoying this unique day.

There were 13 Ugandan girls adopted by Katie Davis.

Kathy, a native of Nashville, once led a life straight out of a novel. She had a lovely boyfriend, drove a good convertible, dressed nicely, and won prom queen as the highlight of her high school career.

Her parents had always wanted her to attend college, so that was always the plan. That wasn’t what Kathy had intended to accomplish.

This young woman intended to serve in Uganda during her gap year.

Katie, a young woman who is single, is thinking about adopting. Davis took in thirteen teenage girls. She claims that her experience dealing with adoptive families has improved her comprehension of peace and love.

The day that foster parents discovered their child was a divine gift is likely the subject of innumerable legends. I struck it lucky. Katie said when asked to express her feelings, “It feels deeper than love.”

She had rediscovered her willingness to explore new things, and it led to the love she found. In the end, Katie Majors decided to marry Benji Majors.

On the shores of Lake Victoria, Katy, Benji, and their 14 kids reside in Jinja. Every year, Mary, Katie’s mother, spends a whole month in the country. 14 grandchildren are cherished by the grandmother.

She believed that her daughter’s college education was essential. She nevertheless goes out of her way to help Katie and is really helpful.