This girl is an amazing gymnast but she does not have both her legs…

Born without legs, the girl. The biological parents gave up on their child, but a couple from Illinois quickly adopted her because they were unfazed by Jen’s eccentricities. They weren’t alarmed by the doctors’ predictions that the girl wouldn’t be able to sit without support.

Gerald Bricker and Sharon Bricker persisted. They came across experts who expressed optimism. And the kid picked up how to sit by himself.

Jennifer remembers that her parents never gave her any special treatment. She did what other kids did because she did not sense any limitations.

The Brickers planned to build their daughter’s prosthesis, but when they arrived, she found them uncomfortable and left them forever. She practiced running and walking on her hands and hips, engaged in vigorous social activities with friends, and played basketball and volleyball.

Jen viewed the Olympics in 1996. Even at that young age, she had an interest in gymnastics while supporting the American Dominica Mochana. Bricker was motivated by the athlete to start his own training.

Her parents helped her out with this. Jen achieved achievement and won the state championship before getting into aerial gymnastics. Dominika was the athlete’s primary source of inspiration; the little girl identified with her after watching her on television.

Jennifer’s parents revealed to her one day that Dominica was her sister and that Jennifer’s last name at birth was Mochanu. The girls started talking, and today they are pretty close.

2019 saw Jen marry Dominik Bauer, who is always there for her. Bricker is now a well-known athlete and acrobat. Her performances captivate the audience. She achieves what others are unable do on aerial canvases. Jen has a busy and active lifestyle.

When the young woman started to speak in front of the group, her main theme was “Never say” I can’t “. The slogan Bricker lives by was given to her by her parents. People all across the world are inspired by the athlete’s story. She thinks that having confidence in oneself is the most crucial factor.