This grandma has been waiting for this moment for 80 years… Thanks to her voice, she achieved…

Realizing your goals and reaching your objectives in life can be challenging due to the many difficulties and roadblocks that can appear along the route.

Some people just can’t help but push their goals and ambitions to the side, even in situations where they are faced with a choice between following their aspirations and pursuing something more realistic. This is especially true in situations where the two options seem mutually exclusive.

But despite the fact that the majority of people would go in the opposite direction, there are certain individuals who are nevertheless able to realize their goals, even if it takes them several years to do it.

Angela Alvarez, who was born in Cuba and now lives in the United States, is living proof that it’s never too late to pursue your goals and realize your potential. Alvarez got his first Grammy Award when he was 95 years old. More specifically, he was honored with a Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist. She has had a deep connection to music ever since she was a young girl.

However, her father strongly advised her against turning it into a professional career. When Alvarez was a child, he had two aunts who both sang and played the piano for him. They also taught him how to sing.

She stressed the fact that she would be the one performing for everybody during family gatherings, and that she would make everyone feel entertained through her love of music and her passion of performing. Alvarez started to have a family after receiving the directive from his father to do so.

She eventually became a mom to 4 kids, a grandma to nine, and a great-grandmother to 15, according to an interview she gave to Billboard. lvarez made history by becoming the oldest person to win a Latin Grammy at the most recent ceremony, which took place in 2022. The Latin Grammy Awards have been held for a total of 23 years.

Despite the fact that she shared the award with a Mexican singer who was only 25 years old, Alvarez has never stopped being appreciative of the fact that she was given the honor in the first place.

“To individuals who have yet to achieve their ambitions, know that even though life is difficult there is always a way out, and with faith and affection everything can be achieved,” she said in his address.

lvarez won her first Grammy when she was 95 years old. This achievement was made possible by her grandson, Carlos José, who encouraged her to pursue a profession as a Nana many years after her youth had passed in order to recreate it. During an interview with Variety, Alvarez reflected on the arduous path she had to travel in order to realize her ambition of becoming a singer. “It was something that occurred between the hours of day and night.

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always had a strong passion for singing. Whenever my family celebrated a holiday or a birthday, it was my job to provide entertainment; my parents would sew me elaborate outfits and call out my name before I took the stage.

It was stated by her. When asked what piece of advice he would provide to those who wish to make their aspirations come true, lvarez gave the following response: “Your life begins today.” Always have your sights set on accomplishing something, whether it is picking up an instrument to paint or searching for inspiration to sing.

And try not to let the thought that you might miss to stop you in your tracks. Keep continuing and pushing forward, and when you finally get to the end, that’s when you may say, “I can,” or “I can’t.” However, you should always try first. lvarez is a living proof that age shouldn’t be an obstacle to achieving her dreams and aspirations, and she made a very profound realization in the same interview for the publication that she gave.

“There are many open doors in the world; the only person who is preventing you from entering those doors is yourself. If we don’t make an effort, the doors won’t be open to us. She added, “I had to wait for a total of eighty years to get to where I am today.”

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