This grandma is 62 years old but you would not tell it by looking at her figure!

Many women in today’s society do not want to accept aging and frequently use the skills of a cosmetologist and plastic surgery.

We’ll tell you today, though, about the woman who discovered the key to endless youth.

Sheila Kiss, a 62-year-old Englishwoman who has spent her entire life working as a model, now travels frequently and enjoys participating in sports. She continues to live a healthy lifestyle, just like she did before, and continued to use beauty tricks when she retired.

She therefore looks stunning for someone her age (62).

Sheila claims that she engages in a variety of sports, which she typically performs six times per week for two hours. She now has a stunning physique as a result.

The woman asserts that this is not a result of a miracle or heredity and that any woman may look like this if she begins to participate in sports regularly at least by the time she turns 30. Only this holds the secret to a stunning figure.