This is the Nigerian dancer that everyone admires on the Internet! He shares his story here!

Some people are born into situations of true great poverty, and while it may be difficult for them to escape, it is not impossible. There are several instances of this fact, but in recent weeks, a gifted Nigerian child has captured everyone’s attention with his inspiring tale of triumph over the odds.

11-year-old Anthony Mmesoma Madu is from Lagos. The child dances expertly in the rain while wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt in the video. He is dancing despite the fact that he is barefoot on a gravel road that is submerged in water.

Unquestionably talented, the young man wowed his online followers. Great artists like Viola Davis and Cynthia Erivo, who are also actors, have no problem praising him. Anthony’s video was shot in front of the dance studio where he has been honing his artistic skills for a while, Leap of Dance Academy.

The young man couldn’t believe how his spontaneous presentation would affect social media and that he would now be awarded a scholarship in New York. Anthony’s teacher, Daniel Ajala Owoseni, learnt of Jacqueline’s interest and helped the boy take advantage of the unique chance that had arisen.

Anthony’s mother, Ifeoma Madu, intended her son to become a priest, but his interests are totally different. He was initially singled out for dancing, but now everyone is happy for him.

This child learnt how to dance by watching YouTube tutorials; he did not begin taking face-to-face lessons until 2017, when the dance instructor Daniel opened a school in Lagos. Anthony’s parents were unable to pay for him to pursue his dancing education, but Leap of Dance Academy offered an affordable alternative that the young guy understood exactly how to take advantage of. My life is ballet.

I feel like I’m on top of the world when I dance. I always dance ballet before going on any errands my mother gives me, and it makes me so very happy. I just adore ballet,” Anthony declared.

This dancer has a very bright future ahead of him, and as a reward for his discipline, he will undoubtedly take advantage of all the opportunities life presents to him.

His tale gives us hope because he never gave up dreaming despite all the obstacles, and now is his chance to succeed. Social networks once more demonstrate their ability to accomplish amazing things.