At a jazz event, a young child impresses everybody by improvising on a toy trumpet…

One of the clearest examples of someone who seems to have music running through their veins is a boy by the name of Boone. Stefanie Anthony is the mother of Boone. A mom and son were out for a stroll when they came upon a band performing life, and the boy’s response just left everyone in awe.

The family hails from the American town of Pensacola in Florida. It was the jazz group “Where Ya At Brass,” which was founded in 2010 and has since played in clubs and on the streets.

They have won numerous accolades over the years, but few are as memorable as the expression on little Boone’s face when he decided to join them and fully appreciate his music. Boone and his dad were visiting New Orleans for a vacation. Stefanie made the decision to go a little closer when she saw that her son was incredibly eager to hear the live music.

Little did she realize that her son’s true desire was to join the band and play a toy trumpet in accompaniment, which he improvised using the first object he could find within his grasp. This touching scene was caught on camera, and the adorable infant can be seen playing his toy trumpet and enjoying the song more than everyone else.

Over 7 million people have already watched the video internationally. The shrewd infant stands next to the real trumpet musician and doesn’t think twice about imitating his hip-swiveling motions. The band members are all awestruck by the unique admirer they have just acquired, so they do nothing more than perform music with him and treat him like a member of the group. Boone’s first year of life has just come to an end.

Both the band and the lovely Boone, who demonstrated that he has the musical ability inside him, receive thunderous applause. Stefanie continued to get advice to sign her son up for music lessons so he can pursue a career in the field.

Stefanie shared the amusing video on her Facebook page and used the occasion to praise the band for the lovely vibe they produce. Boone was undoubtedly destined to love music from the moment he was born. In a few years, we’ll most likely still be hearing about him.

Here is the video: