This is unbelievable! Chicken plays Operatic Aria on the piano keyboard. VIDEO

Since ancient times, people have learned to train many animals. When cats or dogs obey numerous orders and acts, no one appears to notice. Wilder animals like elephants, bears, and even lions can be seen in circus acts. Throughout history, people have trained animals to do a wide range of activities for which they lack the time or bravery. It turns out that you can train chickens as well as cats, dogs, and horses.

The chicken Jonggu, who can play the piano, is a perfect example. At first sight, it seemed impossible, yet the video of the chicken performing Puccini has swept over the Internet. What is the key? Although it is commonly assumed that a chicken has poor mental capacities, is inattentive, forgetful, and so on, chickens may be educated. For a long time, chickens have been trained. The hens learned to discriminate between a circle, a square, a triangle, and large and tiny items through feeding training. The chicken has been trained to touch the button before obtaining food (the concept of nipple drinkers and feeders). Experiments were also conducted to validate the chickens’ sensitivity to color. One color of grain was bonded to the feeder, while the other was freely available. The bird eventually stopped paying attention to the glued grain, and it could no longer be glued; the hens didn’t touch it, and it stayed in the feeder.

Few individuals were working with chickens. One of these trainers was the well-known, one-of-a-kind, and almost unique V.L. Durov.

Jongu, a chicken, lives on a farm in Maryland. The proprietors say it takes her two weeks to memorize the composition. The glowing keys that light up at the appropriate times direct the bird. Although, like any true musician, it is not without flaws. This is not the only instance of a chicken musician. In China, for example, as part of an exam project for a course on the psychology of animal behavior, a student at an agricultural college in Guizhou trained a chicken to play the piano. The bird learned three songs in three months.