This kid’s parents let his hair grow really long and here is what he looks like now…

Farouk James Miller, a Londoner, lacks a wealthy upbringing, won’t inherit much money, and doesn’t have any particularly noteworthy abilities. However, his enormous, fashionable mane would make any lady envious.

Due to his two-foot-tall curls, clothing businesses are eager to pay him to post “work” on Instagram.

James’s “work” entails taking pictures of himself (or, more precisely, his parents) wearing branded goods and posting them to Instagram, where they garner admiring followers and potential buyers of trendy stuff.

This is an awesome victory! The mother of our hero believes that their hair is the “golden ticket” to success for the family.

Their height right now is 60 cm. Additionally, James’s doting mother cuts them every January by a quarter inch.

They just do this for their own development. The boy’s extraordinary hair has enabled his family to outperform the majority of black Londoners in terms of wealth.

There are many obligations when you have a lot of hair. James is an incredible young man. His mother claims that he has always had that type of hair.

Naturally, it requires extra care, including the use of expensive shampoos, regular oiling, braiding, and putting it up at night.

The young man’s fashionable hair helps him earn a respectable living, yet he still has to put up with the discomfort it creates.

Only luck is left for James.