This man raised a gorilla and everyone was taken aback to learn what happened to him…

A mountain gorilla from the Congo went viral in 2019 because of her gorgeous pictures.

She had no qualms about taking photographs with them and even photobombing pictures of the people she was with!

Every person in the national park where Ndakasi lived liked the photobombing mountain gorilla.

She was always prepared to strike a photo and had a humorous and fun attitude.

The gorilla was discovered in the wild 14 years ago next to her lifeless mom, who local hunters had shot.

She was saved by park ranger Andre Bauma, who nurtured her there at the national park after that.

The tale of Nadakasi is not unique.

After becoming orphans due to local hunting operations, most mountain gorillas in the national park in the Congo were saved from the wild.

They might be vulnerable to dangerous weather if left in the woods by themselves, and they might not be able to survive without their parents.

When Ndakasi needed to be saved, park ranger Baua was there, and the two of them, after that, forged an unbreakable friendship. Ndakasi developed into a playful and content gorilla.

For her, Andre became more than just a park ranger. Ndakasi had been cared for by Andre and the others at the Senkwekwe Center in the Virunga National Park for the previous 14 years.

Ndakasi’s adorable selfie with Andre and other park guards in 2019 helped her become viral.

Her poses were rather endearing and uncharacteristic for a gorilla. Online users admired her mood and found her propensity for posing for photos amusing.

She was a happy gorilla who both park visitors and internet users grew to adore.

She was just having fun, and her enthusiasm was contagious.

Ndakasi caught a disease.
Ndakasi had just developed a disease that caused her health to decline.

She suffered from the sickness for a long time before she passed away.

Ndakasi was held in the arms of her best friend and rescuer, Andre, when she passed away.

The chance to get to know Ndakasi and become her friend made the park ranger feel honored.

Given the trauma, Ndakasi had as a young child and the fact that one could claim she inherited her mother Nyiransekuye, whose name means “someone happy to welcome others,” the park ranger said it was an honor to support and care for such a loving creature.

Race or species has no bearing on friendship.
It is indisputable that we need friends to survive, whether we are humans or animals. We rely on one another, support one another, and enjoy ourselves together.

Friends don’t always have to be members of your race or species. As illustrated by the touching tale of Andre and Ndakasi, humans and animals may be great friends.

Andre will always be grateful that he had the opportunity to meet and become friends with such a remarkable being as Ndakasi since their friendship has transcended geographical bounds.

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