This man’s wife left him and 7 kids five years ago, and here is how they live now…

The ability of this canine to care for children in Nebraska is superior to any human parent’s.

Before their child was born, the Miller family adopted Berkeley, a Bernese Sinnenhund, and Berkeley lived with them.

The couple was hesitant to leave the dog nearby when Eleni was born since they weren’t sure how she would respond to the new baby in the house. But they soon understood that none of their concerns were justified.

Huge and possessing powerful paws, the dog adopted a loving and caring demeanor next to young Eleni, just unlike what happens when canines are around their own children.

The parents of Kristin and Joe discovered that Berkeley performed almost all of its features, even after a baby monitor was installed.

Every night I check on the infant in the crib in the bedroom to make sure everything is well.

And when Eleni was 2 years old, her family told her a story about the attention the dog, with whom she had resided all this time, had received that made her incredibly pleased.

Their daughter is in absolute safety with such a great tutor, which fact that their daughter is in absolute safety with such a great tutor makes them both delighted.