This mom has unique and lovely twins with Down syndrome and she shares the advantages she gets…

There is a 1 in 14 million risks of having fraternal twins with Down syndrome. However, she wants to convey to others through her narrative that such a life may be enjoyable and love-filled.

There’s a likelihood that many people will have the same impression when someone uses the word “influencer.”

Fit bodies, flawless fashion sense, attractive and presentable, and sometimes a touch eccentric

When a family’s twins charmed the internet with their endearing characteristics, they defied that notion.

But these two are unique, unlike those who have hordes of devotees.

Three-year-old twins have been promoting understanding of Down syndrome.

Over 21,000 people follow the twins’ Instagram account, while their Facebook page has over 9,000 fans. And we are aware that this cute couple is only getting started.

See how these two cute Down syndrome children gained popularity on social media.

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