This veteran could not find a job with his puppy and here is what they work as now…

Clay was born and reared in a small town in Central California.

After the events of 9/11, he decided to serve in the US Air Force. After receiving his C-130 loadmaster training at Dyess Airbase, he shipped goods all over the world as well as to Afghanistan and Iraq.

However, because he had severely injured his knees, he was forced to leave his promising military career.

Before six months ago, when doctors rebuilt Clay’s left knee, he spent six years working as a carpenter.

He hasn’t been able to kneel since then.

He was searching for employment that would permit him to bring his service dog to for “medical alert and mobility” purposes when he found sympathy and a new job in an unexpected place.

Clay Luthy, a veteran of the US Air Force, is looking for work that will allow him to keep his service dog with him despite having injured knees.

Thankfully, Lowe’s, a hardware store, hired him and Charlotte, his dog.

They were engaged in their job when Judy Rose, a Lowe’s customer, observed them, took a photo, and posted it to Facebook.

Due to its enormous popularity, the post received over 68,000 shares in just 24 hours.

He asserts that she understands the difference between her military and Lowe’s vests.

He made Charlotte’s vest out of an old apron.

After hearing about it, many are praising Lowe’s for their generosity!