This woman decided to start having an active life and lost weight… Here is how she looks now…

Stephanie Sykes, a citizen of Britain, has struggled with weight issues ever since she was a little child.

She entirely lost hope in life after losing her dad, isolated herself in the house, and only ate nonstop. “I withdrew inside myself. I didn’t care about my appearance since I didn’t understand life’s purpose.

Sleeping till two o’clock in the afternoon, nonstop eating, and round-the-clock TV viewing had to have an impact on the poor man’s appearance.

Stephanie did not even consider losing weight when she weighed 170 kg since she felt that no one was concerned about her. It is simple to imagine how a heartbroken girl’s story could have ended.

Fortunately, Stephanie’s mother persisted in trying to save her daughter and was able to steer her in the correct direction. Mom’s plan worked, and the woman simply joined a weight loss club.

Stephanie’s boyfriend gave her everything she wanted without even considering telling her how serious the situation was. Her mother experienced her first weight loss success around the same time, which motivated her daughter to make a change.

Stephanie’s journey from being an obese girl to a skinny girl with a few extra pounds started in this manner.

Stephanie lost half her body weight with the help of healthy eating, exercise, and her mother’s encouragement! She is now 85 kg and finds it difficult to identify herself in the mirror. She also ended her relationship with a man who didn’t help her change for the better.

Sykes is currently raising money through contributions for a crucial operation since she is not content to stop there. Stephanie needs to remove about 6 kg of extra skin because hundreds of kg did not go without a trace. This joy has cost more than a million dollars.