This woman got into the Guinness World Record for being the shortest in the world… Here is what her baby looks like!

The record was set by a Russian woman who was only 109 cm tall. Vilene was the smallest of the mothers.

Vilene has played the mom for the past 2.5 years. She gave birth to her daughter on September 18, 2017.

Then, she followed her lifelong curiosity and searched the Guinness Book of Records for this feat.

Then she learned that the world’s tiniest mother had died.

As in, “Who is the tiniest mom right now?” So I had to inquire. I spent a lot of time searching on Google but came up empty.

Even though she was taller than me, I, in particular, found a mother figure,» Vilene stated.

Over Skype, representatives from the Russian Book of Records measured her height. The entire procedure took around 20 minutes.

The rangefinder initially indicated a height of 107 cm, followed by 109 cm, and finally 108 cm.

As a result, the highest value feasible was recorded. A young woman who believed it was difficult to get job has previously been profiled by journalists.

They surely don’t think he’s worthy of joining them given his little size.