Time and death are not barriers to true love… Charles Aznavour shares his story…

Time and death are not barriers to true love. Ulla, the wife of Charles Aznavour, who had 54 years of happiness with him and still misses her late husband after his passing, is the person who knows this better than anyone.

Undoubtedly, Charles Aznavour knew women throughout his life, but his final wife Ulla Thorsell will always be the one who has the most profound impact on him.

For the record, the pair first met in a nightclub in 1966. And when they met, they fell in love. So much so that the two lovers have made the decision to live together as one.

Few people are undoubtedly aware of Charles Aznavour’s colorful and turbulent life throughout his lifetime.

In 1946, everything began. The renowned vocalist did wed Micheline Ruguel Formentin in that year. He chose to divorce her, albeit after they had two children together, Seda and Charles.

The artist decided to reveal Evelyn Plessis’ life after Michele because he had grown in love with her. Unfortunately, neither of these relationships lasted very long. The singer also went through horrific sorrow with Evelyn when their son Patrick passed away.

After overdosing, the young man was discovered dead in his studio. He was only 25 years old, nevertheless. Additionally, his father honored him in the song “L’Aiguille.”

Charles Aznavour has gone through two divorces, but he hasn’t given up on love. And this was before he met Ulla Thorsell, whom he later married, and had his last three children, Katia, Mischa, and Nicolas, with her.

Ulla was in fact the love of the interpretation of “La Bohème” and his last wife. In any event, she stood out from every other woman he had ever met.

“I wed a woman from a different, more rigid culture. In an interview with Télé 7 Jours, the musician admitted, “I learned things, tolerance (…) it regulated me, put me on the proper course.

Additionally, the couple has been together for 54 years. And in particular, enjoyed happy moments till life had other plans…

Of course, his fans have been greatly impacted by this loss. That was nothing, though, in comparison to how his wife felt. Particularly considering that she wasn’t present for his final moments.

Ulla was in Switzerland on the day her devoted husband vanished, in fact. She was also there since she wished to avoid the city’s heat. Which was not the case with the “Take me away” interpreter, who felt comfortable in his home.

As a reminder, Charles Aznavour announced his retirement on October 1, 2018. The famous French icon’s body was discovered that day in her bathtub at her Mouriès house. Age-wise, he was 94.

When the singer passed away, the official cause of death was given as “natural,” but soon after, the results of an autopsy showed that the singer had died of “pulmonary edema responsible for cardio-respiratory failure.” without experiencing pain.

Anyhow, losing the love of her life after more than 50 years of marriage is the hardest thing that could have ever happened to the Swede. Furthermore, even now, years later, she is unable to mourn.

Whatever the case, this is what his son Mischa disclosed in a 2020 interview with France.

“It’s quite difficult for her because she’s lived with my father for 54 years. He says that he misses him a lot.

Life for Ulla following the disappearance of her spouse
Nothing in life is more difficult than losing a loved one. However, you must always have a positive attitude, as Ulla Thorsell did admirably.

Be aware that even after her husband vanished, the Swede maintained her strength in the eyes of her family, especially her children, who were always there to watch over her.

We surrounded him a lot with my brother Nicolas and my sister Katia. I spend an hour or two with her every day because she lives in Geneva, said his son Mischa in the pages of the magazine France Dimanche while updating readers on his mother.

As the buddy of Johnny Hallyday would have desired, a very close-knit family.

We always reach consensus and manage as a family. The reason why this is the most significant is because our father has always taken great care to ensure that we get along. It would be denying it, Mischa added, to not agree.

Charles Aznavour was a decent parent, at least that is what his son has told us. This is unquestionably the reason Mischa and his brother made the decision to create a biopic of the musician in his honor in 2020.

Not only that, but they also published a cover album by the well-known performer that year. Which definitely delighted his fans, who could also enjoy the recording of the artist’s last tour, especially that of his performance at the Palais des Congrès in Paris in January 2018.

Charles Aznavour was on the verge of suicide.
Charles Aznavour has served as a role model for many individuals throughout his life as an artist, man, spouse, and parent. However, there was another man concealed behind this amazing person.

Few people are probably aware of this fact, but the “Venecia Sin Ti” interpreter formerly battled an alcohol addiction. In addition, his addiction nearly took his life.

A sinister occurrence that was prominently exposed in the book “Aznavour seen from behind,” written by Erick Berchot with assistance from Gérard Davoust, and published on May 19, 2022.