She is the most talented and lovely young dancer… Do not miss this video!

Audrey Netheri, the young girl, enjoys dancing and is very good at it. She offers a wonderful example for all of us by living life to the fullest despite having a rare health issue. The anemia known as Diamond Blackfan affects Audrey. The bone marrow cannot make enough red blood cells in this uncommon disorder.

Unfortunately, this is a disorder that poses a serious risk of death, interferes with the body’s ability to circulate oxygen, and has left young children with a host of health issues. She is 9 years old now, yet the girl is not developing normally.

However, Audrey is so immensely strong that nothing can stop her from leading a full life! The talented young woman picked up the adorable choreography at a Louisville, Kentucky, zumba lesson.

She also has a sizable doll collection. The Beatles, Bruno Mars, and Taylor Swift are three of her favorite musicians. Given her condition, she has received more than 20 blood transfusions and will probably get more in the future. In addition to having a hole in her heart and a cleft palate, Audrey was also born with steroids that stunt her growth.

Watch the video below!