Toddler and Dad Fight Teasingly About Her New Boyfriend in This Video… Watch it Here!

The young girl decided that dinnertime would be the ideal time to tell her father the news, but she never anticipated his audible chuckle in return.

A split second later, when your baby is learning to walk and using her first words, you suddenly realize that she has fallen in love. Although that is a fact of life and very much normal, it nevertheless makes fathers feel old and, to be honest, a little jealous to know that their daughters are old enough to be concerned about things like what to wear on her first date or whether it is time for “the kiss” quite yet.

This adorable girl has some news to share with her dad, despite the fact that she has a ways to go before she actually begins dating. She does, as you may have guessed, have a boyfriend. Undoubtedly not the actual thing. But as we all know, tiny girls occasionally pretend to have one. He might be the musician they enjoy listening to or the hot Big Time Rush member. However, it’s generally the shy lad who sits next to them on the school bus and doesn’t talk to them.

Well, whatever the lucky boy may be, this sassy kid makes sure her father is aware of her crush. Dad’s response? Priceless!

She decides to announce the major news over dinner, and she does so in a laid-back manner while holding a fork in her hand and acting as if she’s attempting to add to the drama by pretending to scratch her nose.

Their conversation is hilarious.

I am in a relationship. You don’t, I say. Oh, I do, I do.

She keeps attempting to convince her dad that “she is in love” because she won’t take no for an answer.

“That lover better be talking to your father,” said the woman.

She doesn’t particularly enjoy the notion of introducing him to her dad just yet, as evidenced by her adorable little expression. Wait perhaps till the situation becomes more serious. She also needs to pick the proper moment. Should they all plan a play date or should it be snack time? There are so many questions that the tiny head should consider.

No, no, no! “Yes, he should.” “No. My boyfriend is him.

In the background, laughter can be heard as Daddy continues:

He must first come speak with me. You let him know that.

The defiant little girl now places her hand on her forehead, as if telling her father that she doesn’t need that much pressure. But he is committed to meeting the fortunate boy.

She once more declares that she has a boyfriend while turning to face the laughing audience, and it is clear that she means it. And it’s definitely not acceptable for him to meet her father.

Although we think she is quite adorable, if she continues to be so independent at this age, her father may run into difficulty when she is ready to start dating. But we also think that this is the mindset that most kids her age have. I can vouch for that; I’ve been there. You must watch this father-daughter interaction right now. You will fall in love with this witty young lady.

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